Join us in lowering drug demand using current and relevant means. It is the only way this drug scourge will stop ravaging our communities.



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We are continuously working with healthcare and other facilities to ensure safe and youth-orientated services to the community.


We create awareness through hosting interactive talks and theatre productions about drug and substance abuse.

Thando’s Story

Of all our success stories, Thando Radebe’s is without a doubt one of our favourites. A then 24-year old joined Vuka Skhokho as a volunteer durring the latter part of 2017. He had just come out of rehabilitation following a long and nearly life destroying nyaope addiction and was not sure what his second chance would entail.


His shy but distinctly genuine passionate charisma quickly endeared him to everyone on the team. After a false start and another stint in rehab – this time with the support of his entire Vuka Skhokho family, Thando has been “clean” to date. Our “last born” currently does school talks for awareness on addiction.

The past week's showers left Lord knows how many of our homeless nyaope addicts with bronchial infections, pneumonia, excruciating foot ulcers (from sleeping in and living in wet shoes) and too many dead.
As pariahs of society they never consider going to clinics or hospitals because all too often they are victimised, made spectacles of by "care givers" and turned away with no help given at all.
After listening to depressing tale after depressing tale in yesterday's pouring rain our team left feeling deeply saddened but very determined.
Being homeless does not disqualify one from the human race.
Mothers and whole families visit loved one's in jail and make sure they know they are loved and supported.
Yet a homeless addict doesn't deserve even the most basic of human rights?
We have all been actively supporting this year's 16 days again GBV but the sexual abuse and violent deaths of female addicts on the streets go by with no mention and in fact people's attitudes about these victims are downright frightening.
This doesn't deter us.

We have our work cut for us but fortunately in a country like ours the spirit of Ubuntu always prevails. Of this we are certain!!

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